Bailee’s Lunches: September 16 through September 20


Here is my weekly post of my daughter’s school lunches. I hope this is helpful for you busy mom’s stressing about lunch ideas. I was there once and I completely understand how you feel. I prep a lot of the food on weekends and prepare the night before either by setting it out or creating her lunch in my head so I know what I am doing the next morning. I will also be posting some of the recipes throughout the week. Enjoy!


Monday, September 16: Bailee had some leftover Hamburger Stroganoff with whole wheat noodles in her Thermos, a salad with cucumbers, parmesan cheese and olive oil, and an apple. For snack she had a granola bar and string cheese.


Tuesday, September 17: Today she had a homemade “lunchable” with ak-mak crackers, muenster cheese and turkey, watermelon, cucumbers, sugar snap peas and homemade whole wheat zucchini granola chocolate chip cookies (These turned out delicious!). For snack she had a banana and homemade whole wheat chocolate mini donuts.


Wednesday, September 18: Bailee was lucky today and had some of her grandma’s homemade chicken noodle soup, salad with cucumbers, parmesan cheese and olive oil, cantaloupe and for snack an apple and homemade fruit and seed bar.


Thursday, September 19: Whole wheat banana pancake sandwich with peanut butter and honey, watermelon, carrots with ranch, and zucchini granola chocolate chip cookies. For snack she had a banana and chocolate mini donuts.


Friday, September 20: For this Happy Friday, Bailee had leftover goulash, homemade applesauce, and homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. For snack some pretzels and a string cheese.

Some recipe links:

Mini Donuts:

Fruit and Seed bar, courtesy of




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I am a wife, mom of 3 and a home day care provider. I love food! I love cooking food as well as eating food! I try new recipes a lot and I have become obsessed with making everything from scratch. Let's get in the kitchen!

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