Bailee’s Lunches 10/21 through 10/25


Now that I am back from vacation and my kids are back on a schedule and routine, we are back to making healthy lunches! So here we goooooo…….

10-21 and 10-22

Monday Oct 21: Bailee took a tuna salad sandwich (she would eat these every day if I let her!), carrots and cucumbers with dip, grapes and a homemade pumpkin larabar cookie. For snack: a banana and a homemade chocolate chip granola bar. Bailee also took this exact same lunch to school on Tuesday Oct 22 because she didn’t eat any of it on Monday. Evidently she claims she didn’t have any time to eat, but I think she was probably being to chatty. Either way, no food goes to waste, she took it on Tuesday and it all!!


Wednesday Oct 23: Peanut Butter banana pancake sandwich, string cheese, carrots with dip, cantaloupe and a pumpkin larabar cookie. For snack: a banana and Yoplait yogurt (that I rarely ever buy because of the artificial color and flavor).


Thursday Oct 24: Bailee forgot to bring her lunch bag home Wednesday night so today she had to paper bag it. No fun lunch when you forget your bag at school! So she got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pretzels, and an apple. For snack: a banana. She was pretty disappointed with this lunch, so I have a feeling she won’t be forgetting her lunch bag again anytime soon!


TGIF!! Today Bailee got the other half of her tuna salad from Monday with Ak Mak crackers, salad, cantaloupe and pumpkin larabar cookie. For snack: homemade chocolate chip granola bar and an apple.


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