7 Day Challenge, Day 4!!!


Another perfect day today!!! I ate perfect and did a lot of exercising consisting of loading and unloading 5 tractor loads of wood for my dad! Whew, I’m beat! But I feel great that I did it! So… Back to the eating… I made spaghetti and homemade meat sauce for dinner per my dad’s request, but I didn’t eat that. I actually had some leftover porketta pork loin, salad and cantaloupe while my kids and dad ate the spaghetti. It was a bit hard since I’m Italian and LOVE pasta but I did it and I survived! Since I have no recipe to share tonight I’ll give you a rundown of my day instead…
Breakfast: Spritz cookie Herbalife shake
Lunch: Maple Herbalife shake
PM snack: ham deli meat
Dinner: porketta, salad and cantaloupe
Evening snack: Greek yogurt and homemade granola
There you have it!! Pretty simple day!


About Heather

I am a wife, mom of 3 and a home day care provider. I love food! I love cooking food as well as eating food! I try new recipes a lot and I have become obsessed with making everything from scratch. Let's get in the kitchen!

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