7 Day Challenge, Day 5 and 6!!!


Today’s lesson…. How to eat out healthy. It is possible to eat out while trying to lose weight. Let me explain how. First, I do my own background checks on the restaurants before we even go. I check the nutrition facts and that helps me decide where I want to go. Second, I always look to see if the menu has an under 600 or 500 calorie section. If not, I look for the meal with the least about carbs. Third, I always modify the dish. I ask for no butter, no olive oil, no rice, etc… For example, Day 5 we went to Perkins and I ordered the Mushroom and Swiss Chicken dinner. It’s served with rice and 2 sides. I omitted the rice, and had a salad and broccoli for the sides. I asked for no butter or oil as well. Easy Peasy. My meal was under 500 calories and had 50g of protein.

Now, Day 6 was a little different. We actually “cheated” because we knew we would be walking a lot afterwards. We had pizza! I only had one large piece and a breadstick and I don’t want to know the calorie count, but it was good. It’s ok to cheat once in awhile, not often, but occasionally. I’ll be good now until Christmas. Tonight was my cheat night and I enjoyed it. Cheating isn’t bad because it helps control impulse bingeing, but like I said only do it occasionally. I try to only do it once in a 2 week period and most of the time I can do it without any issues. 

There you have it, how to eat out and make healthy choices while also LIVING and rewarding yourself with a “cheat” meal once in awhile. Day 7 here we come!!!!  


About Heather

I am a wife, mom of 3 and a home day care provider. I love food! I love cooking food as well as eating food! I try new recipes a lot and I have become obsessed with making everything from scratch. Let's get in the kitchen!

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