7 Day Challenge, Day 7 & Results!!


Day 7 was a great day! Ate perfect and did my exercise! Dinner was easy as it was leftover night. However since the leftovers were not low carb for me I had a chef salad and leftover steamed broccoli. Delish!


My results for the 7 days was a loss of 4.2 pounds!! Yeah buuuudddy!!!! I would have more results including lean muscle, body fat and metabolic age but I didn’t get time to run and use the magic scale so I just went with pounds this time. I’m happy with the results!!!
If anybody wants help with their own 7 day challenge feel free to ask!!


About Heather

I am a wife, mom of 3 and a home day care provider. I love food! I love cooking food as well as eating food! I try new recipes a lot and I have become obsessed with making everything from scratch. Let's get in the kitchen!

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